McIntosh Group Brands Bring Home Theater Demo to ISE 2023

mcintosh sonus faber ise 2023

McIntosh Group companies Sonus faber and McIntosh are both set to world-debut exciting new products at ISE 2023, against a McIntosh/Sonus faber home theatre system backdrop (editor’s note: our founder, Gary Kayye, saw this at CEDIA and said it was the best demo he’s ever seen — read about it below:

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The two high-performance audio companies will each introduce a world-debut product at ISE, in addition to showcasing a world-class McIntosh/Sonus faber home entertainment system that perfectly highlights the natural synergy between the two iconic brands.

Details of both new products will be unveiled on the first day of the show, 31 January. McIntosh will be unveiling an exciting new home theatre product, offering unrivalled power and performance, class-leading build standards, plus McIntosh’s legendary sound quality.

Italy’s Sonus faber will be world-debuting a brand new loudspeaker at the show, the first of its kind in the company’s 40-year history. The new speaker echoes Sonus faber’s established design philosophy, with organic shapes, distinctive aesthetics and premium sound quality.


The McIntosh Group will also be demonstrating a showstopping 7.4.4 home theatre system that offer showgoers a breathtaking, immersive experience, drawing on McIntosh and Sonus faber’s decades of audio engineering expertise.

The luxury home theatre set-up has been designed and built to not only meet, but outperform strict CI standards, while showcasing the premium quality and timeless aesthetic appeal of the two giants of high-performance audio.
The c.EUR 400,000 McIntosh/Sonus faber system will also combine premium partnering devices, such as Sony’s VPL-GTZ380 laser projector, for an unforgettable visual experience.

In keeping with the sprit of ISE 2023, Sonus faber’s highly versatile in- and on-wall Palladio Level 5 and Palladio Level 6 loudspeaker ranges will also be available, plus the recently introduced (September 2022) flagship Arena range of custom installation speakers.

Arena will be making its European debut at the event, following the CEDIA Expo world debut in September 2022, where the range won prestigious CEDIA Best of Show awards.