McIntosh Group Appoints Mike Holzman as Regional Sales Director (West Coast) and Reise Wiggins as Regional Sales Manager (TOLA)

mcintosh group

McIntosh Group is proud to announce today the appointment of Mike Holzman as Regional Sales Manager for the West Coast market and Reise Wiggens as Regional Sales Manager for the TOLA region.

“We are thrilled with Holzman’s growth and new role at the company, and for Wiggens to join the McIntosh Group family. Their relationship-building capabilities and expertise in the consumer electronics industry make them incredible assets to the team.” said Dan Pidgeon, CEO of McIntosh Group. “As McIntosh Group continues to grow across North America, Holzman’s and Wiggens’ strong sales backgrounds will accelerate McIntosh Group’s trajectory, and we’re looking forward to their success.”

Starting on July 1, Holzman will leverage his strong dealer relationships in the SoCal territory to continue his success at the company. Previously, he served as Regional Sales Manager for the TOLA region.

“I couldn’t be more excited to bring my expertise and experience to the West Coast market,” said Mike Holzman. “Working within McIntosh Group and being able to move into this new role has been a real joy, and I’m thrilled to continue to grow professionally within the company.”

Wiggens joined the company on June 3rd in his new role, and brings a wealth of experience, as well as a proven track record in developing successful dealer relationships and driving sales growth. Previously, he served as area sales director at SnapOne for four years and has over 10 years of industry experience, allowing him to have a strong background in not only sales, but also as a project manager, technician, and engineer.

“Joining McIntosh Group was a natural next step for me in my career given my background,” said Reise Wiggens. “I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together as the brand expands its reach – and fan base – in the North American region.”