MC² Claims 7400-Watt Capability with New Amp

MC2 E100 0811

MC2-E100-0811British manufacturer MC² Audio has started shipping its E100 amplifier — a four-channel amplifier (class D) that it has spec’d to deliver 2800-watt into 4 ohms with all channels driven from a 2U, 26-pound, rack-mountable amplifier.

MC2 claims the E100 was designed to run 2-ohm loads, thus delivering power in excess of 3500 watts from each of the four channels. This gives the amplifier further flexibility for running bass applications and allows bridging of a pair of channels down to 4 ohms. Bridging a pair of channels (via the rear panel switches) turns the E100 into a bass amplifier offering 7400 watts at 4 ohms and more than 5300 watts into 8 ohms. Features include gain settings of 26, 32 and 36dB on each channel — user selectable by an internal jumper setting — rear panel Channel Link switches, Neutrik XLR female connector inputs and Neutrik Speakon four-pole outputs.

Here are all the specs: