MAXHUB Receives Zoom-Certification for Three UC Products


MAXHUB just announced that it now has Zoom certified products including the UC BM21 speakerphone, the UC S05 Conference Bar with Camera and the UC W21 Business Webcam. The MAXHUB UC BM21 speakerphone is just under 5 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches high, includes noise reduction and echo cancellation and incorporates a six-element PZM boundary microphone with a 16-foot pickup radius

The MAXHUB UC S05 Conference Bar with Camera allows for wireless screen-sharing and includes auto-framing with intelligent face detection that tracks whoever is speaking and automatically switches between presenters. Combined with its 5x zoom capability, a 120-degree viewing angle and three-camera position presets, the UC S05 is for medium-sized and large rooms.

The MAXHUB UC W21 uses a Sony image sensor that yields HDR (High Dynamic Range) performance from a 4K wide-angle lens. The UC W21 includes 2D and 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) technology, a 120 Degree Field of View and is native 3840 x 2160.