MAXHUB Launches 105-Inch Ultra-Wide Commercial Display


MAXHUB has launched its 105-inch Ultra-Wide Commercial Display for Microsoft Teams Front Row and any other UCC application that can generate 21:9 content. With 5K screen resolution, wireless screen sharing, the ability to control the display through IP (Internet Protocol) or via RS-232 — plus cloud-based management using MAXHUB Pivot —  the 105-inch Ultra-Wide display ensures that technology never hinders productivity.

The MAXHUB 105-inch Ultra-Wide display features 5K 5120 X 2160 @60Hz screen resolution and an aspect ratio of 21:9 — making the 105-inch Ultra-Wide the ideal choice for a Microsoft Teams Front Row experience, according to the company. With its 25% haze anti-glare screen and its Bezel-free design, the 105-inch Ultra-Wide is the consummate conferencing display, says MAXHUB.

The 105-inch Ultra-Wide includes a motion occupancy sensor that triggers when people enter the room, an OPS slot for simplified installation and maintenance as well as the ability to transform the display into a Microsoft Windows screen, a USB Type-C connection (power out up to 100 W with network share/screen share), plus an RS232/LAN port for control. Further, the display includes a removable Wi-Fi module with support for Wi-Fi 6 — both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies.

The system utilizes dual 16W loudspeakers plus a single 15W transducer for low-frequency sounds.

The MAXHUB 105-inch Ultra-Wide Commercial Display is expected to become available in Q3, 2023. The OPS62A PC module is optionally available and details are here: