MAXHUB Introduces LM150A07 LED Wall Display to Raptor Series

MAXHUB LM150A07MAXHUB has introduced the LM150A07, an all-in-one integrated LED wall display, as part of the LED Wall Raptor Series. The MAXHUB LM150A07 control unit integrates a sending card, an Android OS card and the video processor. The unit incorporates the power supply, the receiving card and the hub board, while the power unit includes the power supply, amplifier and relay provisions.

Features of the LM150A07 include:

  • Native 1920 x 1080 LED
  • 150-inch diagonal screen size
  • Supports PBP (Picture by Picture) and PIP (Picture in Picture) functionality
  • Accepts three different HDMI sources
  • Integrated 30-watt internal amplifier
  • Dual loudspeakers