MAXHUB Introduces Its Line of Integrated LED Wall Displays

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Visual engagement on an entirely new level

Irvine, CA – February 2021… MAXHUB, a premier provider of collaborative communication and interactive class delivery solutions, is pleased to introduce its line of MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall displays. Ranging in size from 110 to 220 inches, the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall dramatically elevates the impact of one’s presentations in every meeting room, lecture hall, and other large venue. Incorporating interactive and mirroring technology – including multi-device screen sharing and synchronized writing – the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall represents a complete solution that ignites participation in every presentation.

Unlike many competing LED display products, the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall features a fully integrated design. Whereas other systems require multiple components in addition to the actual display to function, the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall incorporates everything into its slim, 1.22-inch depth, including a 3-in-1 modular board that encompasses the power supply, receiving card, and hub. The streamlined physical attributes of this design not only enable the display to be mounted almost flush with a wall for optimum appearance, but greatly simplifies matters in the unlikely event service is required by offering full front access and hot swapping of modules.

As part of its world-class design, the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall sets a new standard for intuitive operation. With support for multi-device collaboration, real-time wireless screen sharing from up to four devices simultaneously creates an entirely new level of engagement for meeting participants. The MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall provides easy interaction with smartphones and tablet computers as well as synchronized annotation from multiple devices.

Representative of MAXHUB’s state-of-the-art display technology is the LM138M07 LED Wall with its 138-inch diagonal display. Featuring 1920 X 1080 resolution with a 1.5 mm pixel pitch, the LM138M07 is an outstanding choice for a wide range of display applications. With a viewing angle of 160 degrees horizontal and 140 degrees vertical, the LM138M07 presents stunning images that make a dramatic impression. The display’s intuitively designed Smart Control features one button turn on / turn off and allows for easy adjustment of settings, including brightness, contrast ratio, aspect ratio, and input signal—all from a compact remote the size of those commonly found with today’s television sets. Alternatively, users can bring their own device—loaded with the company’s MAXHUB Share app (available for both Android and iOS)—to control the LED panel.

Sam Malik, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for MAXHUB’s North American operations, commented on the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall, “With a comprehensive range of display sizes and features, the MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall sets a new standard for intuitive operation, flexible deployment, and easy service and maintenance. Their integrated Android functionality supports a wide range of smart features and the display itself optimizes grayscale display performance—even in low brightness—drawing audiences in with mesmerizing color, detail, and dynamic range. Whether suspended from the ceiling, mounted on the available mobile stand, or wall mounted, the MAXHUB LED Display Wall makes an exceptional choice for numerous applications, including meeting rooms, Houses of Worship, hospitality venues, and education.”

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