MAXHUB Announces Partnership with Mago to Simplify UI for UCC Applications at ISE 2023

MAXHUB MagoMAXHUB announced a partnership with Mago (formerly Valarea) aimed at helping simplify the UI for UCC applications.

Re Mago, in collaboration with Lenovo, has created Mago Room — a common interface for controlling a room that could be multi-platform dependent on UC applications. MAXHUB will bundle Re Mago and Lenovo using interactive displays, LED and a panoramic camera and videobar as a kit.

The three MAXHUB-Mago-Lenovo Room bundles are:

  • MAXHUB-IFP-Mago Room Bundles (IFP + Mago Room kit based on Lenovo)
  • MAXHUB-UC-Mago Room Bundles (UC M40 Panoramic Camera + Mago Room Kit based on Lenovo)
  • MAXHUB-LED-Mago Room Bundle (Raptor + Mago Room Kit)

The Mago collaboration platform includes Mago Room System, a plug-and-play room technology and the Mago App — a tool that enables hybrid collaboration for global teams everywhere on any device. A single Mago Room license covers any configuration of a meeting room or classroom. Mago Room works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and Webex for instant meetings and automatically recognizes scheduled meetings of over 20 video conferencing systems, including Lifesize, Bluejeans, and more.

Mago ways to share content in the meeting room:

  • Wired screen sharing via HDMI cable
  • Wireless screen sharing for Apple, Android and Windows devices. No need to install third-party apps
  • Mago Cast with the Mago App. Share and control any type of file with no need of being connected to the same network.
  • Wireless screen-sharing integration with third-party USB dongles, such as Barco ClickShare

Mago software brings meeting equity closer to MAXHUB. The room system optimized for MAXHUB will be available in select markets in mid-2023.