A Few of Matt’s Favorite Things


While walking the the halls of InfoComm, you run across things that are worth seeing, but not necessarily in a Disruptive/GameChanging(tm) kind of way.

shallow-dpPlease ignore my emo selfie that accidentally came out in the viewing window at the Digital Projection booth. You should by all-means check out their impressive new offerings this year, including the INSIGHT LASER 4K projector. While lamps may not be going anywhere for a while, lampless technologies like LED and lasers are gaining momentum.

What caught my eye at the booth was the crazy size and image brightness they achieved from a tiny rear projection space inside of the back wall. They pulled it off using a gigantic mirror setup.


Blackmagic, along-side Panasonic and RED are racing for dominance in the mid-priced 4K camera market. I was surprised with the fast rise in that area – because I used to know them just for excellent video processing boxes. The three levels of Blackmagic cameras are on display with a fun to use demo of several miniature carnival rides.

sights-sounds-1Yamaha has some great live music inside their booth, and it’s a great place to sit and enjoy the music in the middle of the bustling audio pavilion.


While Biamp isn’t selling this vintage suitcase boombox as a real commercial product – it makes my inner-hipster ache to have it inside my house. I love these things, and I love that somebody wanted it as booth decoration.

deskWinsted has created what I believe to be the most stylish piece of furniture at Infocomm. It’s maybe a little flashy for some tastes with it’s spider web detailing, but it’s the first powered lift desk I’ve seen that’s not office-drab. The features of the Horizon are crazy too with motorized lifts to switch the back and front surfaces from standing to sitting. The lift mechanism includes flexible tracks to keep cables from pulling and straining. There is room for one large display in the center – up to 55in – and three smaller monitors on a dual-arm mount. I don’t think I can properly convey how flexable this desk would be in an open office situation. While standing, you can shift the desk an monitors in such a way that you could face the rest of the office during conversations. Anyway – totally worth a look at booth #C8736. I don’t know if my delight has come though in this post, but I am impressed and would use this desk in a heart-beat.

pidgin And finally – I’ve seen something like 10 pigeons trapped and wandering around the convention center. I feel a surge of nostalgia every time I see a pigeon indoors and feel compelled to quietly hum the “Doing the Pigeon” song with Burt from Sesame Street.