Matrox Announces Maevex Multi-Encoding and Decoding Technology

Matrox-Maevex-2-Encoders-Decoders-0416Matrox Graphics today announced that it is expanding the Matrox Maevex product line of encoders and decoders with a new range of products designed for multiple real-time encoding, streaming, transcoding and recording. The Maevex 2 product line will feature a variety of form factors, including PCI Express cards, stand-alone appliances and OEM versions of the hardware and software, capable of supporting up to 64 channels of 4K capture, real-time encoding and streaming in a single 5U rack for high-density applications.

For extension and switching applications, Maevex 2 will provide Full HD, 4K and 8K extension and switching over standard IP including UHD at 60Hz with ultra-low latency.

For enterprise video management systems (VMS), Maevex 2 will feature Matrox Advanced Hybrid Streaming (AHS) which provides multiple source capture, real-time encoding and streaming, adjustable picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture, simultaneous stream and record, multi-protocol streaming, multiple concurrent bitrate streaming, and more.

For live streaming and recording in government and enterprise environments, Maevex 2 will provide maximum interoperability with third-party hardware and software. In addition to the market-leading real-time encoding resolution capabilities of Maevex 2 SKUs, the new products will be highly adjustable to bias for image quality to the point of near lossless video. 4:2:0 color sampling currently shipping on the Maevex 5150 Series will now be joined by Maevex 2 with support for up to 4:4:4 color sampling for the clear transmission of the most demanding detail in any application.

The new Maevex 2 product range will support commonly used streaming protocols such as RTMP, RTP, HTTP, MPEG2.TS and RTSP making new SKUs compatible with the current Maevex 5150 series and thousands of third-party hardware and software encoders, decoders, cameras, media players, network storage, mobile devices, browsers, and streaming media servers.

Matrox is further expanding the Maevex developer APIs to help OEMs, integrators and software developers incorporate Maevex features into their own applications including AV processors, digital signage software, enterprise video management software, the most challenging video and graphics recording applications, security and surveillance environments, and WAN and cloud tools for any need.

Here are all the technical details.