Masque Sound Supplies Custom Audio Equipment Package for Enfield High School Auditorium Renovation

ENFIELD, CT, SEPTEMBER 27, 2017 – When faculty and students at Connecticut’s Enfield High School got their first look at the school’s newly renovated auditorium, they were in awe. As part of the school’s $103 million construction project, the auditorium was completely gutted and rebuilt with brand new, state-of-the-art audio equipment furnished by Masque Sound, a leading theatrical sound reinforcement, installation and design company.

The renovated auditorium has seating for 975 people and includes an attached 13,500-square-foot new music wing. In addition to supplying the auditorium’s new audio equipment, Masque Sound also completed the shop drawings, engineering, commissioning of the system, training and testing. Working under electrical contractor Ferguson Electric, Masque Sound also provided on-site consulting on the install.

“The system configuration resides in the school auditorium, with two racks on stage and one rack in the control booth,” says Matt Peskie, installations manager, Masque Sound. “All equipment is housed in the stage racks except for the Behringer X32 audio console, one Crestron TPS-6X and the Tascam playback and record devices. All of that equipment is connected to the main racks via audio and data cabling to allow for remote operation of the system.”

The Symetrix DSP is at the heart of the audio system. All audio is processed there to drive the main speaker system, but also allows the Crestron system to access some controls of microphones and other important audio inputs. The speaker system is made up of multiple hangs of EV boxes, which are split up into left, right, center, sub and delays zones. The arrays allow for complete coverage of the space as well as the ability to mix left/center/right. All speakers are driven with Lab Gruppen amplifiers with processed audio from the Symetrix DSP system.

The Crestron control system offers simple operation of the system for non-experienced users via two touch panels. Those touch panels not only manage the projection/screen system, but also some of the audio controls as well. This allows for basic, overall control of the system from the touch panels.

“The updated auditorium at Enfield HS now has an agile system that allows for both skilled and non-skilled operation,” adds Peskie. “The system is capable of handling a basic presentation to large musicals with the ability to expand, if necessary. The new auditorium looks and sounds great and Masque Sound was happy to be a part of the whole process.”