Martin Audio Releases iOS App for Its Blackline X Powered Series

martin audio xp connect

Martin Audio has announced the availability of its first-ever iOS app, XP Connect, for control and streaming for its self-powered portable series, BlacklineX Powered. When BlacklineX Powered launched, users could access the built-in three-channel mixer and onboard Bluetooth streaming by utilizing the rotary panel controls on the back of the loudspeakers. Now all of that functionality is brought to life in an app, making it more convenient for the user.

The XP Connect app is intuitive and is designed to control a pair of speakers. If the Bluetooth pairing on the loudspeaker is activated, it will automatically find the speaker and ask if you want to connect. Alternatively, in Demo mode, the user will be presented with a screen with faders — two channels, Bluetooth, the main output fader for the loudspeaker and an EQ button. Users can set them up as stereo loudspeakers or allow them to work in zones.

In practice, this means that a single connected BlacklineX Powered will allow mute control of all inputs and outputs, with signal level visualization and access to EQ and settings. Two connected enclosures will additionally offer the choice of Stereo or Zone modes, with three-band EQ and the high-pass filters. It allows setup of the XP12 and XP15 in three modes: full range, with sub added in and with floor monitors.

The app has further advantages because it allows the user to store and recall three different snapshots if set up for a FOH application.