Marshall Electronics Announces Camera Controller With Ability to Manage Multiple Protocols

marshall vs ptc 300

Marshall Electronics announced the release of its VS-PTC-300 PTZ camera controller, providing the ability to manage multiple protocols, including NDI, RS232/RS422/RS485 and IP, VISCA over IP and ONVIF. The VS-PTC-300 IP POE PTZ controller allows users to control multiple cameras using the same or different protocols, which is beneficial while migrating to a larger setup. It can control up to seven-RS232 cameras, 14-RS422 cameras and up to 255 NDI/IP cameras. It also allows easy NDI/IP set-up utilizing the NDI/IP discovery set-up.

The VS-PTC-300 is designed to operate across multiple camera protocols on a single network. Used in live event production and content creation, the VS-PTC-300 offers “detailed operation through a high-quality PTZ joystick, professional zoom rocker and individual fine-tune adjustment knobs.” Settings include iris, white balance, exposure, red/blue, shutter speed, focus, pan/tilt speed and zoom speed.

The VS-PTC-300 can store up to six selectable ASSIGN function keys and save up to 256 camera presets with memory of image setting parameters. Dedicated knobs and control buttons simplify direct access to frequently used functions without needing to use on-camera menus. The VS-PTC-300’s joystick allows “one hand” PTZ/Focus or use the convenient rocker for Zoom. Its solid construction ensures that the controller will not slide while operating the joystick. The built-in display also allows the crew to easily check framing/focus, the team can store presets and also practice camera moves.