Marshall Electronics’ New Zoom Block Cameras Feature 2.5-12.4 Million Pixels

marshall cv355 10x

Marshall Electronics just announced the release of its CV420-18X and CV355-10X zoom block cameras, one with 12.4 million pixels designed into a 1/1.7-inch 4K sensor and the other has 2.5 million pixels with 1/2.8-inch covering the HD range in a compact design. Both cameras are designed with the latest sensor technology and are refined to meet the highest in broadcast and AV standards, according to Marshall.

The CV420-18X features a compact 18X optical (3X digital) zoom block and flexible 12GSDI/HDMI simultaneous outputs with 4K images up to 4096x2160p at 60fps. In contrast, the CV355-10X features 10X optical (12X digital) zoom block and flexible 3GSDI/HDMI simultaneous outputs with HD images up to 1920x1080p at 60fps. The CV355-10X replaces the existing CV350-10X camera.

Both cameras feature remote adjust-and-match settings via the Marshall Electronics touch screen RCP camera controller or through the company’s free camera control software. Remote adjustable settings include zoom, iris, white balance, exposure, pedestal and more over long distances or during setup with capable auto-tracking settings that track environmental conditions. The CV420-18X and CV355-10X include stereo audio embedding abilities and all usable frame rates on one model while adding 24fps and 23.98fps for dramatic capture. These new lines of cameras incorporate ultra-low light sensitivity and low noise performance.

Both cameras are also manufactured with an aluminum alloy body and output BNC and HDMI connections.