Marshall Electronics Announces New ML-454-V2 Monitor and More

marshall electronics ml 454 v2

Marshall Electronics just announced the new ML-454-V2 monitor, a two-rack unit Quad 4.5” screen ML-454-V2 video monitor. The ML-454-V2 Quad 4.5″ Screens LCD display is an economical solution for fly-packs, control rooms, routing rooms and other video system applications. Looping video inputs set this product apart from similar-looking products. With the ML-454-V2, users are not limited to the single SDI connector you may find on competitor models. Standard power and tally connections as well as a logical menu structure make this display an easy choice for flexible system designs.

Also new is the ML-503 Triple 5” monitor. The ML-503 uses only two rack units (3.5″) and has a tilt mount. It includes 3G-SDI, HDMI and AV inputs, and all digital inputs loop through. These monitors claim to be perfect for fly-packs, control rooms and news vans. Front panel controls give access to all functions. It also has three-color tally lights (red, green and yellow). The ML-702 dual 7″ monitor with multiple input types will also be featured at the show. It uses just 5″ of rack space (3RU) and has an integral tilt mount. The LCD display features 3G-SDI, HDMI and AV inputs. Digital inputs have active looping outputs. It also has standard power and tally connections, as well as a logical menu structure.