Marshall Electronics Announces New Collaboration With Audinate


Marshall Electronics announced a collaboration with Audinate, the developer of the Dante AV-over-IP solution. As part of the collaboration, Marshall will integrate Audinate’s Dante AV-H to its line of AV-over-IP (H.265/H.264) camera offerings with up to UHD60fps resolution.

Dante AV-H is a software solution designed to allow manufacturers the ability to incorporate Dante video control and audio into existing H.264/H.265-based IP video product designs. Dante AV-H brings interoperability to networked cameras and other video endpoints, providing automatic discovery, connectivity and manageability while using the familiar, reliable H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC codecs already supported in common hardware. As Dante AV-H is software-based, it is easier, less costly and faster to integrate than hardware-based solutions.

With Dante AV-H, all video and audio routing, configuration and management of devices are done with the Dante platform. Dante Controller provides a single point of control for all audio and video routing, and Dante Domain Manager adds monitoring and user access control to AV systems. Beyond the scalability and one-click routing offered by networked AV solutions over point-to-point technologies like HDMI and SDI, Dante AV-H video and audio flows are independently routable, allowing video and audio to be sent where it needs to go without the need for demuxing hardware. Additionally, audio channels from Dante AV-H endpoints are completely interoperable with the thousands of Dante audio products on the market today. With high-quality video at low bandwidth, Dante AV-H is a perfect fit for video that needs to reside on today’s enterprise networks spanning facilities or campuses. Dante AV-H seamlessly allows video to be added to studio production, live event and conferencing applications utilizing Dante.

Marshall offers a variety of IP solutions, most recently with the launch of CV730 (UHD60), CV630 (UHD30), CV620 (HD60) and entry level CV605 (HD60), all of which are remote PTZ robotic cameras. Marshall also offers a line of 30x zoom cameras with the CV355-30X and CV420-30X, and more recently with ePTZ cameras in the CV420e. Dante AV-H to be ready and accessible from Marshall IP cameras in June starting with CV730-BK/WH, CV355-30X-IP, CV420e and CV420-30X-IP, followed by the new CV630-BI/WI platform, releasing in early August.

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