Marmitek’s Wireless HDMI Transmitter/Receiver Combo Support 1080p

Marmitek 0409

Marmitek_0409Dubbed the GigaVideo800, this device sends HDMI signals wirelessly from up to four input devices (up to 1080p) to your HDTV or projector without compression and without any loss of quality – so they say – as far as 20 meters. This is done through a receiver/transmitter combination.  The receiver is connected to the TV all the time, while the transmitter can be connected to a maximum of four HD devices – and even moved around if needed. Compatibility includes, of course, Blu-ray players, digital video recorders, HD set–top boxes, game consoles, Media Center PCs, the AppleTV or standard DVD players/recorders.

It’s available at about $800 US and you can read all about it here.