Mark Walker Promoted to Managing Director UK of B-Tech AV Mounts

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B-Tech AV Mounts; award winning designer and manufacturer of pro AV mounting solutions, is pleased to
announce the promotion of Mark Walker to Managing Director UK.

Mark first stepped through the doors of B-Tech in 2007 and forged an extremely successful career in sales;
starting out in an internal tech sales position before progressing to Area Sales Manager, Key Account Manager
and Senior Business Development Manager.

During this 11-year period, Mark’s contribution to the company was multi-faceted and went beyond his duties
as a salesperson, it saw him involved in multiple areas of the business, ranging from working with the product
development department on key B-Tech lines to starring in product videos shot at exhibitions around the

With a broad understanding of B-Tech operations and product knowledge that was second to none, Mark’s
importance to B-Tech was duly recognised in 2018 with a promotion to the position of Director of Operations
UK, where he has overseen all aspects of the business from manufacturing and logistics through to sales.
As Managing Director, Mark will continue to lead the UK team in all aspects of the business and will be a key
decision maker in operational procedures that affect the wider B-Tech International Group of companies
around the world.

Dick van Baarlen, CEO of B-Tech AV Mounts: “I am absolutely delighted to announce Mark as the new MD of B-
Tech in the UK. Mark has proven himself to be a more than capable individual over the past few years whilst
performing his duties as Director of Operations and I am sure he will excel in this next step up.”

Reflecting on his career at B-Tech, Mark comments: “It is amazing to have been able to develop and grow my
own career in parallel to B-Tech over these past 15 years. It’s incredible how far we have come as a company
and brand and to feel like an integral part of that journey is extremely rewarding”. He adds: “We strongly
believe in the opportunity that is out there and I’m excited about pushing B-Tech further forward and realising
our full potential as the global leader for pro AV mounting.”

Mark takes up his position with immediate effect and can be reached at

For more information about B-Tech AV Mounts please visit