Marantz Just Launched the Best Universal Music Server We’ve Ever Seen in M-CR612

Marantz today announced the Marantz M-CR612 compact network CD receiver, a small audio system for streaming via HEOS, Airplay 2 and Bluetooth alongside a built-in CD player. Powerful enough to drive two pairs of loudspeakers with independent volume control or a single pair with double the output power, the M-CR612 enables users to easily stream content from TuneIn, Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, Amazon Prime Music, TIDAL, local file content and more via the HEOS app, AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth. The network receiver will also play CDs, WMA/MP3 (CD-R/RW) and features an AM/FM tuner.

In addition, users can connect their TV or cable/satellite set-top-box to one of the two digital audio inputs for digital audio playback of movies and TV shows. It can also automatically wake when sensing an audio signal from the television and be programmed to work with a TV’s remote for volume, mute and source selection.

And, voice control includes Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri. The M-CR612 will play users’ favorite music, turn up the volume, skip to the next track, switch inputs and much more by simply asking. For added flexibility, users can switch between voice agents or pick a favorite to use regularly.

The Marantz M-CR612 decodes hi-resolution audio ALAC, FLAC and WAV lossless files up to 24-bit/192-kHz, as well as DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz tracks. It will also play CD, WMA/MP3 (CD-R/RW) and features an AM/FM tuner for users who play music from a variety of sources. Power and connectivity to suit your audio preference: 60 watts at two channels (6 ohms) or 30 watts at four channels for speaker A/B with individual volume setting with the option to connect a pair of audiophile bi-amp compatible speakers as well.

The Marantz M-CR612 Network CD Receiver ($699) is here.