Manley Labs Unveils the Nu Mu Studio Compressor

manley-mu-no-0116Manley Labs has launched the new Manley Nu Mu studio compressor. The Manley Nu Mu is a hybrid compressor design that combines the front end tube topology of the T-Bar Variable Mu with a solid state side chain and output stage to deliver Manley’s big, full-bodied signature tube sound in a package that breaks new ground in performance and value. The Nu Mu is packed with features that set it apart from everything else in its class, starting with Manley’s acclaimed IRON input transformers on balanced XLR connectors and including the same ultra-low impedance switched mode power supply used on the Manley CORE.

The Nu Mu incorporates an all-new feature called the HIP control, allowing it to apply compression at lower dynamic ranges, while leaving louder dynamics unaffected. The result is a higher overall level, without squashing the dynamics of the most exciting transients.

The Manley Nu Mu will list for $2,800. Here are all the details.