Who Is Managing Your Digital Signage Network?


By Lillyan Wamaitha
Marketing Manager, Mvix

For digital signage to be successful, you need someone within your organization to “own” the system. If there is no clear ownership of the project from day one, your digital signage will fail — there will be little to no ROI or ROO.

Often times, we’ll see one team who is responsible for buying the digital signage system and then they hand it over to someone else to manage it. This person who is assigned the role of “digital signage champion” (e.g., the receptionist) will perhaps already have a list of other responsibilities, is not well prepared to take on this role and may not even be aware what the objectives/goal of the system is.

The net result is the digital signage is not properly leveraged and the expected benefits don’t happen.

To avoid this, you need to get buy-in from every level before purchasing digital signage. You will need well-planned roles and policies as well as consulting and training for everyone involved — both at the initial launch and on a regular basis.

To get the most out of digital signage, you need to publish fresh, exciting content on a daily basis, so you need to have a solid plan of who does what.

Who Is a Digital Signage Champion?

A digital signage champion or digital signage manager owns the entire network. They are responsible for:

  • Managing a team of digital signage users
  • Crafting the content strategy
  • Overseeing operational efficiency
  • Planning for scalability
  • Measuring the performance of the digital signage network
  • Staying up to date on new digital signage technology, features and capabilities

Digital Signage Roles

Besides the digital signage champion, other digital signage roles that report to her include:

Tech Manager

  • Makes final hardware and software purchasing decisions
  • Creates troubleshooting and reporting process
  • Escalates problems and contacts vendors if necessary

Content Designers

  • Selects relevant content to display on digital displays
  • Creates content that complements the company’s branding
  • Designs templates that can be repurposed with new content

To learn more about the different digital signage roles download, our guide Who is Managing Your Digital Signage Network?