Major Upgrades to New Wireless ZonePlayers, Multi-Room Music Systems, From Sonos, Including 802.11n

Sonos released a major upgrade to the company’s line of wireless multi-room music systems with the introduction of two new ZonePlayers. While we at rAVe appreciate the company’s TiVo-style approach that the consumer doesn’t need to know how it works, just that it doesÖ here is some info about the technology anyway for all you technies out there who do need to know.

There are two new products — the ZonePlayer 120 and ZonePlayer 90. The 120 is the amplified version and the 90 isn’t, but it can be connected to a home theater or stereo to make use of existing audio equipment.

The new ZonePlayers incorporate SonosNet 2.0, based on the latest 802.11n wireless protocol. The Sonos mesh network technology that doubles the wireless range, as it is combined with MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) wireless technology which uses 3 antennas to send and receive music.

And the range may have doubled in range, but Sonos shrunk them way down in size. The 120 measures just W 7.3 inches x H 3.5 inches x D 8.15 inches. The 90: W 5.5 inches x H 5.4 inches x D 2.9 inches.

The ZP120 will retail for $499 individually. It is also included as part of the Sonos Bundle 150 for $999. The bundle includes two Sonos ZonePlayers (one 150 and one 90) amplified and non-amplified) and a Sonos Controller. It is expandable.

The ZP90 will retail for $349 individually.

Finally, Sonos announced a new software release, Sonos System Software 2.6, available on the new systems as well as to existing customers. Upon upgrade and registration, owners will get free music downloads valued at more than $200.

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