Magnum Power Security Adds Thermal Screening Integration Ability to Deva-Branded Camera/Speaker/Sensor

magnum power security deva

Magnum Power Security has announced it has added the ability to integrate with third-party thermal screening software into the Deva-branded all-in-one speaker, camera and sensor product. So, any location with a Deva product can be upgraded or used to screen employees (and visitors) entering a space and provide an audio warning, or even latch and unlatch a turnstile, to prevent an individual with a higher body temperature from entering a facility.

And, Deva can help support social distancing measures through third-party software by identifying the number of people in an area. Deva responds in real-time when that number goes beyond a set limit.

Manufactured in Italy, Deva integrates multiple communication solutions into a single form factor. Deva’s multimedia system features an HD camera, a high-powered full-range speaker, an array of ambient sensors and advanced connectivity options. Deva enables cross processing of data gathered through both its “eye” and sensors with the implementation of third-party software. Completely weatherproof, Deva works wirelessly both indoors and outdoors as a small- and large-scale information and entertainment system and in safety and emergency systems that rely on real-time data acquisition.

Deva can also be used both indoors and outdoors to transmit real-time or recorded emergency messaging. Integration into existing evacuations systems is also possible thanks to its connectivity options.

Other security features include its ability to witness an intrusion and trigger an audible alarm while alerting an administrator as well as its ability to spot an abandoned object with its “eye.”