Magnetic 3D Announces Support for Live Action Conversion to Glasses-Free 3D

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We’re happy to report that our team recently worked with an award-winning Agency to pioneer capturing and converting 2D live action video content into Glasses-Free 3D to great success.

The Agency client in the healthcare sector was looking for a novel and impactful way to introduce a revolutionary product. The Agency sold the Client on using our glasses-free 3D display to showcase their break-through technology at medical conferences and sales meetings.

With the script calling for a live actor demonstrating the product, a one-day green-screen shoot was arranged by the agency team. Magnetic 3D supplied a stereo-supervisor to ensure that all the 2D camera shots would translate well in the 2D-3D conversion process during post-production.

The product needed to appear to be floating in front of a 3D rendering of an operating room. Shooting in 2D made the process easy and familiar, the 4K 60FPS footage was edited and cut together by the agency, then handed over to Magnetic to be converted from 2D to Multiview 3D for client review.

Using Magnetic 3D’s Hypervue Plugin for Cinema 4D, the team was able to build a 3D scene and overlay the converted alpha-channeled video to produce multiple sequences that included both CGI animations and real product demonstrations in a “holographic” format. The hybrid virtual production process was incredibly successful without the need for a 3D Camera or special conditions.

The final video was deployed at multiple events and locations around the world showcasing the innovative capabilities on our Wildfire glasses-free 3D displays ranging from 55″ to 85″. Agencies and clients can easily shoot on a green-screen in 4K at 60FPS and provide us with footage for conversion of live action sequences into Glasses-Free 3D! The creative possibilities are endless, contact us to learn more!