Macnica to Show New IPMX Technology Protocols and More at InfoComm 2021

Macnica IPMXMacnica will be at InfoComm 2021 with the IPMX, the emerging open standard protocol for AV-over-IP networks. At InfoComm 2021, Macnica will unveil its latest technology innovations at Booth 1117, including the new IPMX Development Kit with its latest full-stack AV-over-IP modules. Macnica will also provide an advance demonstration of its software-only IPMX implementation, to be introduced closer to ISE2022 in February. The software demonstration will show UHD video streaming from a PC to Macnica’s flagship MPA1000 full-stack AV-over-IP module.

“Macnica is all in on IPMX, which we believe is the standard that manufacturers, integrators and end users need to achieve truly engaging IP media experiences,” said Andrew Starks, director of Product Management, Macnica and AIMS Alliance board member. “It’s [IPMX] designed from the ground up to provide clear, simple interoperability and extreme flexibility with both hardware and software inside single facilities, across multiple campuses, and in the cloud. Integrators and end users can compose and manage systems that perfectly match requirements and budget across a variety of AV applications, including corporate boardrooms, digital signage, distance learning, live production and medical analysis.”

Macnica’s IPMX Development Kit emphasizes many of the key technologies required for building and managing such systems, including sub-frame latency, USB extension and outstanding UHD quality over 1GbE networks. Macnica will highlight a new “Launch Kit” within its IPMX Development Kit framework that supports the MPA1000 and Macnica’s ME10 SoC module. The kit will help product developers evaluate how standards-based video works with current and future products and offer a reference to the connections and configurations required for production purposes.

The MPA1000 and ME10 SoC share the same product development and real-world operational benefits for different approaches. Both modules transport HDMI 2.0 4K60 4:4:4 video, audio and control data over 1GbE networks. Each includes an integrated web interface with customizable APIs, with support for JPEG-XS compression to optimize AV-over-IP performance. The MPA1000 is built for product prototypes and smaller production runs, while the ME10 SoC is optimized for larger production runs and use in compact products. Macnica’s Launch Kit includes two baseboards, power adapter, USD cards with adapters and Lua scripting environments among other tools.

“We expect many IPMX technologies to be ratified in the next six months, including AV transport, timing, error correction, HDCP compliance and EDID negotiation,” said Starks. “Both Macnica and AIMS believe that standardizing the core technology of AV-over-IP transport is not only inevitable but also transformative as we look to InfoComm 2021 and beyond.”