Macnica Adds New Software and Hardware for SMPTE 2110 Suite

macnica smpte 2110

Macnica has unveiled new hardware and software for its SMPTE 2110 suite of products including a new media streaming software development kit (SDK) that offers users greater flexibility when developing IP transport applications. Both are made possible by Macnica’s FPGA IP Cores, a series of hardware gateway solutions for IP product development that implement up-to-date standards associated with live video transport over IP networks. Macnica’s ST 2110 FPGA IP Cores are in use today for broadcast product development in domestic and international markets, including manufacturers in Asia and North America.

Macnica’s new 100G Smart NIC solution is a hardware-accelerated alternative to today’s mainly software-based ST 2110 100Gb solutions. Macnica’s 100G Smart NIC solution marries off-the-shelf network interface controller (NIC) cards with Macnica’s FPGA IP Cores to enable more efficient bandwidth usage over 100Gb networks, providing benefits that include higher channel counts. Macnica’s technology makes this possible by offloading CPU and heat generation problems that occur when processing wideband streams.

Macnica’s 100G Smart NIC solution adds another layer when integrated with the new Macnica Media Streaming (M2S) SDK, which debuted today. The M2S enables implementation of software-based ST 2110 systems on general-purpose servers. This provides a gateway solution for broadcast systems that operate “All-IP” workflows whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud. The M2S SDK can be used with a wide variety of NIC cards, providing users with more flexibility to build products with optimal specifications.