Macnica Demonstrates Interoperable AV-over-IP Solutions Through IPMX Software Implementation

Macnica Media StreamingMacnica comes to ISE 2023 with a powerful message to prepare AV hardware and software developers for an IPMX future. Anchored by its IPMX Development Kit, a new Media Streaming SDK and two demonstrations with full-stack Macnica solutions with open APIs, Macnica’s ISE stand (5E670) will show visitors how to build IPMX-compatible products and deploy interoperable AV-over-IP systems across scalable network infrastructures. The key takeaway for visitors to the Macnica stand is that the AV industry now has proven solutions to drive open-standards adoption.

From 1Gb to 100Gb, Macnica’s two demo stations will highlight how the company’s broad array of hardware and software components will meet any IPMX product development strategy and enable deployment of interoperable AV-over-IP solutions across varied wideband networks. The demos include a hardware and software implementation specific to 1Gb networks widely used today and a latency-free, cross-domain demo that shows the possibilities of using 1Gb,10Gb and 100Gb networks for a diverse range of applications.

The 1Gb demo will feature Macnica’s ME10 SoC, a 4K AV over 1Gb component that supports complete, interoperable solutions for high-volume product developers. Macnica will show a pure IPMX software implementation of multicast UHD 4K60 video from a laptop to two destinations using the JPEG-XS codec from intoPIX. The ME10’s web interface will exhibit the full power of its API for developers making a wide range of products, thereby eliminating the need to use different APIs for each product. The benefits of Macnica’s open API are strengthened through Macnica’s specialized “whitebox gateway,” an energy-efficient networking solution with a built-in IPMX discovery mechanism to empower IPMX product development.

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The ME10 SoC will also be used in combination with Macnica’s flagship MPA1000 AV-over-IP module to demonstrate a professional quality HDMI-to-IPMX gateway using KVM connectivity. Macnica will also unveil a powerful demo that shows combined, latency-free SMPTE ST 2110 and IPMX flows from live production to presentation. The demo shows the first-ever combination of an Intel N6000 100GbE SmartNIC with the API for Macnica’s M2S SDK, a new media streaming software development kit for flexible IP transport applications. The result is a “multi-gig production workflow demo” that shows the full range of Macnica’s SMPTE ST 2110 and IPMX technologies working together.

New Media Streaming SDK Macnica’s M2S media streaming software development kit will be shown to AV audiences for the first time at ISE. Ideal for developers of real-time AV-over-IP applications, the M2S SDK today enables the implementation of software-based ST 2110 systems on general-purpose servers, and visitors to the Macnica stand can preview its upcoming support for IPMX. This versatility makes the M2S ideal for users that operate “All-IP” workflows across multiple variations. The M2S SDK can be used with a variety of NIC cards, giving developers the flexibility to build products with optimal specifications. Macnica will provide more insight into the future of open standards interoperability and IP transport through its work with the AIMS Alliance.

Macnica is a Full Member of AIMS and will have a presence on the AIMS ISE stand (5J550).