Mackie Launches SRM450 and SRM350 1000W Portable Speakers

mackie-srm-0314Mackie has announced new portable speakers, the SRM450 and SRM350 models, which are spec’d at 1000 watts with custom drivers. Featuring two new audio tools, these new SRM speakers can simplify setup and produce results that Mackie claims simply not found in any other speakers at this price.

You can choose between four application-specific speaker modes. They also have integrated an intelligent feedback destroyer that makes sound check easier. SRM can identify and eliminate feedback using up to four narrow 1/16th octave filters. Both models now benefit from Mackie’s HD Audio Processing, which combines patented acoustic correction DSP with optimization features such as a precision crossover and driver time alignment and phase correction. The SRM450 and SRM350 feature an integrated 2-channel mixer with input-friendly Wide-Z inputs.

The new Mackie SRM450 and SRM350 will be available globally late Q2, 2014. The SRM450 will list for $629.99 and the SRM350 will will list for $519.99. Here are all the specs.