Mackie Redesigns ProFXv3 Professional Effects Mixers with USB

mackie ProFXv3
Mackie has announced a complete redesign of its analog mixer series, ProFXv3 Professional Effects Mixers with USB. It now includes Mackie’s Onyx mic preamps, GigFX Effects Engine, 2×4 24-bit / 192kHz USB recording and a new look.

ProFXv3 Series mixers start with Mackie’s flagship Onyx mic preamps that offer noise and distortion performance to ensure a clean signal path. With up to 60dB of gain on tap, Mackie says even the most gain-hungry mics will shine. The all-new GigFX High-Resolution Effects Engine offers 24 effects, including reverbs and delays.

The built-in USB interface in ProFX mixers is a popular feature in the series and ProFXv3 offers a professional upgrade in recording quality. Sample rates up to 192kHz combined with Mackie’s flagship Onyx mic preamps ensure pristine sound. Having two inputs and four outputs is useful for creating two mixes on your computer and sending each to the mixer. A dedicated blend knob allows you to choose between monitoring DAW output and direct latency-free monitoring or a blend of both.

Mackie’s new partnership with Avid gives ProFXv3 users benefit and value. Pro Tools | First is now included, plus the exclusive Musician Collection bundle with 23 Avid plug-ins, including the 304C Compressor and 304E Equalizer. Also, users will get the Waveform OEM DAW software with their DAW Essentials Collection of 16 plug-ins. This complete software package is valued at over $500.

The Mackie ProFXv3 Series Professional Effects Mixers with USB are available worldwide. It costs $199.99 for the ProFX6v3, $299.99 for the ProFX10v3, $429.99 for the ProFX12v3, $649.99 for the ProFX16v3, $919.99 for the ProFX22v3, and $1169.99 for the ProFX30v3.

Here are the specs on the newly redesigned ProFXv3 mixers.