Mackie Launches Redesigned MR Series Studio Monitors

Mackie today announced a complete refresh of its affordable powered studio monitors, the MR Series Powered Studio Monitors. Designed for home studios, content creators and multimedia, the MR Series is available in the 5-inch MR524, 6.5-inch MR624 and the 8-inch MR824 plus the 10-inch MRS10 companion powered subwoofer.

Equipped with Acoustic Space Control and HF filters, MR monitors can be easily optimized for your environment to ensure a flat response. There are three different acoustic space settings that adjust for monitor placements close to walls, in corners, etc. Plus, the high-frequency EQ control allows for further adjustment to ensure an accurate response for your room. Included with each monitor is an acoustic isolation pad that decouples the monitor from the desk or stand for increased performance and accuracy.

The Mackie MR Series includes the 5-inch MR524, 6.5-inch MR624, 8-inch MR824 and the 10-inch MRS10, and are available worldwide for $209.99, $279.99, $349.99 and $559.99 respectively.  
Here are the detailed specs.