Mackie Launches New Line of Audio Tools

Mackie today announced a new line of lower-cost audio tools for studio and live sound, including the MDB Series Direct Boxes, the MTest-1 Cable Tester and M48 Phantom Power Supply for studio and live sound applications. The MDB Series Direct Boxes consists of four different models: the MDB-1P Passive Direct Box, MDB-2P Stereo Passive Direct Box, MDB-1A Active Direct Box and the MDB-USB USB Stereo Direct Box.

The MDB-1P Passive Direct Box is perfect for instruments like guitars, basses and more on stage or in the studio. The MDB-2P Passive Stereo Direct Box offers the same level of performance, but with dual inputs and outputs for stereo sources. The MDB-1A Active Direct Box features active circuitry for ultra-low distortion and noise. Last but not least, the MDB-USB USB Stereo Direct Box features a USB input and dual XLR outputs for maximum audio quality direct to front of house from a laptop.

In addition to the series of direct boxes, Mackie introduces two audio tools — the battery-powered MTest-1 Cable Tester and M48 48v Phantom Power Supply. The MTest-1 features a simple five-way switch to test every pin, even with mismatched connectors, for all common connector types and more. Powered by a 9v battery, the MTest-1 can go with you when you explore beneath the stage or behind an imposing stack of speakers.

The M48 48v Phantom Power Supply allows you to use your devices and microphones that require external power in any setup. It can also provide an easy solution when the phantom power being supplied from a venue is inadequate.

Mackie audio tools include the MDB-1P, MDB-2P, MDB-1A, MDB-USB, MTest-1, and M48, and are available worldwide on Feb. 1, 2018. The US MSRP pricing is $69.99 for the MDB-1P, $83.99 for the MDB-2P, $83.99 for the MDB-1A, $209.99 for the MDB-USB, $41.99 for the MTest-1, and $69.99 for the M48.

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