Mackie Announces All-New Expanded FreePlay Series

Mackie just announced an all-new personal PA plus matching portable Bluetooth speakers — FreePlay Series Personal PA and Portable Bluetooth Speakers — in three models, the FreePlay LIVE, FreePlay HOME, and FreePlay GO, the FreePlay Series delivers stunning sound quality and value for performers, presenters and music lovers.

FreePlay LIVE is designed to be a personal PA for anyone who needs a lightweight solution for music performance and speech presentations. It can run on either AC or battery power, with the built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery offering up to 15 hours of sound. FreePlay LIVE is flexible, with inputs for your microphone, guitar, keyboard, or playback device.

The FreePlay HOME and GO Portable Bluetooth Speakers are compact and connect your device to FreePlay HOME or GO over Bluetooth – and your an even link it to a second FreePlay Series speaker with enhanced control via the FreePlay Connect app.

The Mackie FreePlay Series Personal PA and Portable Bluetooth Speakers include the FreePlay LIVE, FreePlay HOME and FreePlay GO, and are available worldwide beginning early May 2018. Sold individually, the pricing is $559.99 for the FreePlay LIVE, $349.99 for the FreePlay HOME and $256.99 for the FreePlay GO. All the details are here and here.