Mackie Enters Microphone Market, Intros EleMent Series

mackie micsMackie has now entered into the microphone market introducing their new EleMent Series microphones. The EleMent Series consists of three models: the EM-89D live vocal dynamic, EM-91C large-diaphragm condenser and EM-USB USB condenser microphones.

The EM-89D dynamic microphone features a cardioid polar pattern and is primarily designed for stage use but also works for a studio microphone collection. Macke says it’s an excellent handheld vocal microphone that also excels as an instrument and amplifier microphone. The EM-89D comes with a mic clip, XLR mic cable and zipper pouch.

The new Mackie EM-91C is specifically designed for studio applications. In addition to musical applications, it’s capable of being used in live streaming, voiceovers and many other types of content creation. The EM-91C comes with a shock mount and an XLR mic cable.

With the Mackie EM-USB condenser microphone, you can get down to recording, live streaming, podcasts and online content creation quickly, without requiring a separate audio interface. Connecting directly to your laptop or mobile recording device using USB-C and featuring a built-in headphone output with independent volume control, the EM-USB offers audio reproduction rivaling mics many times more expensive. It also provides controls for main input gain and mute. The included mic clip, tripod mount and USB-C cable make it easy to capture recordings anywhere.

Available in January 2020, the EM-89D will be $69.99; the EM-91C is priced at $79.99; and the EM-USB is available at $149.99.

Here are all the specs.