Mackie Drops Portable SRM-Flex Column PA System

Today Mackie announces its latest entry into the portable PA market, the all-new SRM-Flex Portable Column PA System. Using a lightweight design, SRM Series sound quality, a six-channel digital mixer and wireless control and streaming, SRM-Flex is designed for all portable PA system applications.

The modular design of SRM-Flex features a 10″ LF woofer in the molded cabinet base module which also contains the 1,300-watt amplifier and built-in digital mixer. The three-piece tower houses a wide-dispersion array with six 2″ high-performance HF drivers for clear, whole room coverage. This modular tower design allows the user to easily change the height of the mid and high frequencies to match the ear level of the audience.

The built-in six-channel digital mixer has two mic/line inputs that accept microphones, instruments and more and there is a dedicated stereo channel with dual 1/4″ line inputs and a dedicated 1/8″ aux in / Bluetooth streaming channel. Channels one and two include individual two-band EQs and Reverb level controls with three different reverbs to choose from. And there are three voicing modes available.

Control includes the SRM-Flex Connect app that allows wireless control from an iOS or Android device. The Mackie SRM-Flex Portable Column PA System will be available worldwide beginning October 2019 for $999. Here are the detailed specs.