LynTec Breaker Panels, Columns Now Part of Wenger Corporation Stagelink Power Management System

lyntec wenger corporation

LynTec announced its motorized breaker panels and columns are part of Wenger Corporation’s new Stagelink Power Management System for performance venues. Stagelink includes a 19-inch EIA control module with full-sized and narrow-profile motorized breaker panels.

Wenger’s Stagelink power management system is built with LynTec’s motorized breaker panels and features the Square D Powerlink hardware platform that’s found in the company’s flagship RPC Series panels. Stagelink power distribution options include Distributed System Architecture (DSA) and Centralized System Architecture (CSA) options. Powerlink and DSA are both common in large industrial applications. DSA positions the power management hardware near lights, hoists, and audio. It means less conduit, load wire, and terminations. DSA also eliminates concerns related to harmonics and voltage drop, so acoustic isolation and oversized conductors disappear. Finally, DSA has no impact on venue performance and maintenance. Savings come from a cleaner design that minimizes electrical installation and general construction costs. CSA integrates larger panels for a traditional distribution system. The Stagelink system can combine DSA and CSA to best meet the venue’s needs and budget.

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