LynTec Updates RPC Panel

RPC_Flat_Face_0039.1.4_CMYK-1013LynTec today announced the availability of its RPC (Remote Power Controller) Series Panel version 2. The update combines the latest generation of motorized circuit breaker technology with a new and improved controller, featuring more memory and a faster processor for real-time monitoring down to the circuit level and the capacity to use multiple control protocols simultaneously — now including sACN.

Engineered to protect and control installed entertainment A/V/L systems, LynTec’s RPC v2 provides increased memory capacity and faster internal processing. The controller is available across the entire RPC product line, offering users point-and-click installation and setup with the company’s motorized circuit breaker panels, retrofit relay panels and mobile power distribution panels. The RPC v2 also features two important market firsts: the capacity to use multiple control protocols simultaneously and an emergency auto-on function to activate egress lighting via contact closure inputs from fire alarms.

The RPC controller features an on-board server that is accessible on a network or from any smart device as well as motorized circuit breakers that can be loaded per specific user requirements. The device also includes built-in auto-off and brownout features that allow controlled shutdown and restart of circuit breakers, optional sequential on/off at the circuit level and the ability for third-party control directly from systems via TCP/IP, DMX, RS232, sACN or contact closures.

Here are the details.