LynTec Debuts Remote Power Control Mobile

lyntec-rpc-0314Described as an “intelligent power distribution panel,” LynTec’s new Remote Power Control Mobile (RPCM) offers portable power with motorized circuit breakers; current monitoring at the branch circuit level; and remote monitoring capabilities for power distribution to theaters, arenas and any place where power needs to be mobile and monitored.

Housed in a portable rolling rack case, the RPCM includes:

  • 120/208 Volts
  • 42 breaker positions
  • Mix and match motorized and unmotorized breakers
  • 150A, 225A or 400A MCB
  • 400A bus
  • Cam-style connectors for power inputand feed-thru.
  • 200 percent neutrals
  • Nine LED displays to monitor power: 3-phase voltage, 3-phase current, neutral-ground voltage, neutral current, line frequency
  • Multi-function LCD display
  • Branch and phase current monitoring
  • Customized output connectors
  • ETL Listed
  • RPC controller

Here are all the detailed specs and options.