LynTec Releases LCP Lighting Control Panel Series

lyntecLynTec is kicking off the first phase of its new lighting control product lineup with the LCP Lighting Control Panel Series. Designed exclusively for lighting and video wall installations, the LCP Series is built on the same Square D G3 Powerlink controllable circuit breaker platform as the patented RPC Power Control Series, but with the lighting control features these projects require, including the increased installation flexibility.

LynTec’s LCP Series adds several innovations to the company’s panel options. The controller electronics have been removed from the panel and mounted in a stand-alone, 12×12 enclosure. This increases installation flexibility and reduces wall space requirements. Second, the power supply has been moved into the primary panel enclosure, thereby eliminating the need for sidecars. As a result, the maximum width of a standard NEMA 1 enclosure is 20 inches.

In addition, LynTec will launch a new Narrow Profile panelboard that can hold up to 42 controllable circuit breakers and is only 9 inches wide, supporting the company’s mission to create space-saving power control solutions. The Narrow Profile panelboard is often referred to as a column-width panel, as it holds a single column of controllable circuit breakers, and can fit in between the flanges of an I-beam. With these additions to the LynTec lineup, customers are able to mount much-needed electrical distribution where space is often limited. This moves the power distribution panel much closer to the lighting loads, which can save considerable installation costs.