LynTec Announces the PDS-12 Sequencing Relay Panel Featuring Voltage Spike Protection

lyntec 1

LynTec just debuted its new PDS-12 Sequencing Relay Panel. The PDS-12 panel builds on the reliable power control features of the legacy PDS-10 relay panel.

LynTec’s PDS-12 is a relay panel with four, eight or twelve, 30-amp single-pole latching Panasonic relays installed in a compact, 1-sqaure-foot NEMA 1R or 3R enclosure. The new panel features individual step delay between each relay, emergency off by circuit, emergency on for lighting by circuit, as well as under- and over-voltage sensing for brownout and voltage spike protection. It’s easy to set up via the LED display and rotary encoder. BACnet IP expandable, it can be added to existing building automation systems — a feature also available with the company’s LCP and RPC Power Control solutions.

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