LynTec Announces InfoComm 2017 Plans

LynTec today announced it will showcase its first rackmountable power control solution in booth 5169 at InfoComm 2017, June 14-17 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Bringing all of the power control features found in the company’s popular RPC Series panel to the rack, the Networkable Power Automation Control (NPAC) is a complete, ready-to-install 2RU power management solution that delivers power control and audio sequencing, with the capability to manage up to 80 amps. The company will also demonstrate the new sequencing and over-voltage capabilities within its flagship RPC and RPCR Series of electrical control panels.

LynTec’s NPAC is the only rackmount solution of its kind to sequence on/off complex digital audio systems with easy-to-program extended step rates and time delays that guarantee proper component boot-up and shutdown automatically. The NPAC is available in two models: 120V or 240V, and features four 20A circuit inputs in a single 2RU enclosure — saving valuable rack space over 4RU systems and eliminating the need to wire multiple units together. Through an onboard server, integrators can select step rates from fractions of a second up to 999 seconds and specify over- and under-voltage protection as well as auto shutdown for each circuit. Ideal for lighting and AV systems across multiple control zones, the unit accepts multiple control protocols (HTTP, Telnet, sACN, DMX) and simple contact closures. From the NPAC’s interface, users can select each zone’s protocol, as well as set up, troubleshoot, control, and monitor status remotely from any computer, tablet, or handheld smart device. In addition, users can receive alert notifications via text or email to warn of voltage anomalies. Meeting NFPA fire code requirements, it performs circuit-selectable load-shedding for emergency shutoff. An onboard astronomical timer automates operation, reducing operating costs for AVL systems.

New to the award-winning RPC-controllable circuit breakers and RPCR relay panels are customizable step-rate sequencing and over-voltage capabilities. Within the unit’s embedded web server, users can customize the step rate from fractions of a second to 999 seconds in between each circuit being controlled and the order that each circuit powers on. This enhancement eliminates the burden of manually tweaking the system, rebooting individual pieces, or resorting to off-the-shelf sequencers that only sequence in one order and only at a single step rate. In addition to the panel’s brownout and under-voltage protection, the system also includes over-voltage protection that monitors the incoming voltage and automatically shuts off any protected circuits when the voltage reads 20 percent above or below the selected voltage level for two seconds and then resequences back on as programmed when the voltage stabilizes within 20 percent of the designated voltage for five seconds. From the server, the user can select the appropriate protection for each circuit and specify over-voltage protection for the equipment that needs it most. 

LynTec is here.