LynTec Adds to Power Control Lineup With New Single DMX Address Zone Control Feature

LynTec today announced the release of Single DMX Address Zone Control, an optional control system feature for the company’s RPC family of motorized circuit breaker panels, RPCR remote-controlled relay panels and NPAC rack-mounted relay panels. Enabling use of a single DMX address to turn on and off a selected group of electrical circuits, the new feature reduces the number of addresses required for lighting control and, in turn, allows installers to use smaller, lower-cost DMX control boards for their projects.

The new Single DMX Address Zone Control feature, which comes standard on all networkable LynTec panels, is easy to set up using any web-browser-enabled device, a network connection and LynTec’s built-in web server. Users can add or remove circuits from a group associated with a single DMX address and the group — effectively a zone — can include anywhere from two circuits to all the available circuits in the power control system. When it is necessary to operate each circuit independently, the user may assign each circuit a unique DMX address. Any DMX control source can be used to operate the system.

The new feature for LynTec’s RPC, RPCR and NPAC panels is available now. Here are the details.