Luxury is On Tap With New Dealer Demo Case for Vantage Keypads

Vantage keypad demo case

Legrand’s Building Control Systems (BCS) division released its new dealer demo case for its Vantage keypad collections. The demo cases are the epitome of style, design, and luxury. The durable powder-coated aluminum portable case opens to feature two removable trays that securely hold and elegantly showcase Vantage’s EasyTouch II, EasyTouch Glass, RPTouch, and adorne® keypad and faceplate options, along with an EQ40 LCD keypad. With a desire to facilitate the experience for the customer, the case also includes a battery backup that illuminates the keypads and allows the user to operate the EQ40 touchscreen.

“Home technology isn’t just about what it can achieve but also how it looks and feels,” said Richard Laliberty, Product Marketing Manager, Shading and Residential Controls, Legrand North America. “Our new Vantage Keypad Demo Case was custom made by an industrial designer to help dealers captivate their customers and close deals faster. Every element radiates the aesthetics and function of Vantage and its keypad solutions.”

Whether customers want classic or modern styles, they can customize the adorne, EasyTouch family, or RP Touch keypads down to the trim, color, and style. Customers will see the various design and button style options to ensure the system fits their lifestyle.