Luxul Releases New Epic 3 Wi-Fi Router With Built-In Remote Management Software

Luxul today introduced a new AC3100 dual-band gigabit router with a host of built-in features. The new Epic 3 integrates Luxul’s wireless controller with Roam Assist, remote network monitoring and management from Domotz and cloud-based content management and parental controls from Router Limits.

With the Epic 3, installers can now create a roaming Wi-Fi experience for their clients and service their networks remotely. With Domotz remote network monitoring built in and installers receive alerts when issues arise on their clients’ networks, allowing them to fix problems before customers even realize they exist. Luxul claims that having the Epic 3 on a client’s network also means quicker setup times and easier network maintenance for installers.

The Epic 3 router is compatible with Luxul’s access points (APs), allowing installers to add APs to maximize the performance and budget of each project. Capable of managing additional access points, the Epic 3 offers a cost-effective multi-access-point roaming solution for residential and small commercial networks.

Luxul’s Epic 3 with built-in Roam Assist, Domotz remote management software and Router Limits content management boosts Wi-Fi reliability while allowing users to remotely maintain the network to which it’s connected, and fully control their internet experience.

  • Roam Assist provides seamless Wi-Fi connection throughout the home, eliminating problems such as low, dropped or lost signals.
  • Domotz remote management software gives installers the power to manage, maintain and troubleshoot their clients’ networks from anywhere in the world.
  • Router Limits content management means end-users are in control of their internet experience by managing internet traffic; choosing which devices can access the web; what parts of the web are OK (or not OK) and the days and times the internet should be available.

The Luxul Epic 3 Dual-Band Wireless AC3100 Gigabit Router will be available in late November 2017 with KRACK vulnerability protection. All the details are here.