Lutron’s RadioRA 2 Now Integrated into Philips Pronto Controllers

RadioRA2 0510

Philips Pronto, in collaboration withRadioRA2-0510 lighting control manufacturer Lutron Electronics, has announced the availability of a new RadioRA 2 module for Pronto’s line of controllers, including the TSU9300, TSU9400, TSU9600 and TSU9800. This new module offers integrators a simpler integration between a Pronto touch panel and the RadioRA 2 wireless lighting control system – no programming required.

Launched at CEDIA Expo 2009, RadioRA 2 is the second generation of Lutron’s RadioRA wireless whole-home lighting control system, originally introduced in 1997. RadioRA 2 controls lights, shades, HVAC and more via radio frequency system (RF) communication.
Working closely with Lutron, Pronto has developed a ProntoScript module that allows Pronto users to activate any RadioRA 2 scene with the touch of a finger on any Pronto control panel. This enables users to seamlessly control their lights and shades from the same Pronto controller used to control their entertainment system.

For installers, adding the RadioRA 2 functionality to a Pronto controller has never been easier. All Pronto control panels have the ability to communicate directly over Wi-Fi with the RadioRA 2 system’s main repeater. By using Pronto’s ProntoEdit Professional software (PEP 2.4), installers can drag and drop the new RadioRA 2 module into their Pronto project with ease. According to Philips Pronto, a minimal set of parameters is required to be entered in order to obtain a working system.

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