New NDI, IP and USB Converter and Encoder Range from Lumens

lumens oip n encoder decoder

Lumens Digital Optics Inc. is extending its OIP range of converters and encoders to add an encoder / decoder pair which provides NDI HX3 and HX2 and RTSP conversion. Both products reside on 1-gigabit IP networks and can be powered by a USB power adapter or PoE (power over Ethernet).

OIP-N40E is an HD device which encodes video to a range of popular streaming formats including the popular NDI HX3. Designed with an integrated tally light, the unit is ideal as a studio camera converter, transmitting a live feed with minimal latency to a software-based switcher such as vMix, OBS and Telestream Wirecast or a hardware decoder.

OIP-N60D is a 4K NDI HX3 and RTSP decoder which outputs video over HDMI with simultaneous UVC output over USB. This enables the decoder to convert NDI and IP video into a webcam stream for use with videoconferencing platforms such as MS Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. As a network device, OIP-N60D pairs with the Lumens VS-KB21N controller to deliver a cost-effective and highly scalable IP switcher with built in camera control.

“These new converters are a true Swiss army knife solution, providing support for multiple IP formats. Their support for USB opens up so many new AV workflows and we can’t wait to see how our customers will use them.” Commented Steven Liang, VP of product development at Lumens.

Another key feature of the new OIP-N pair is the ability to extend a USB webcam. Traditionally, webcams were limited by the maximum length of a USB cable. Now, OIP-N60D can receive a webcam input, transmitting the signal over IP networks for conversion back to USB by OIP-N40E. OIP-N40E and OIP-N60D are covered by a 5-year warranty in most territories.