Lumens 4K and Full HD Videoconference Cameras Join Barco ClickShare Alliance Program

LumensLumens announced its 4K and Full HD videoconference cameras and auto-tracking camera have joined the Barco ClickShare Alliance Program. Collaborating with Barco’s ClickShare wireless conferencing system, Lumens videoconference cameras offer the end users a solution and a variety of meeting space options. With the Barco ClickShare button, everyone in the room can instantly see and hear remote participants via the videoconference software and instantly share attendee laptop content.

Videoconferencing adoption has significantly increased due to the expanding corporate environments. Lumens VC-B30U delivers a pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera with movement and a 12x optical lens applicable for mid-to-large size rooms. The upcoming VC-TR1 captures a presenter with an auto-tracking feature and smooth PTZ functions in mid-to-large size rooms. The VC-B11U includes an auto-framing feature that can detect everyone at 120° in a wide angle. It ensures all participants are framed in view in small-to-mid size rooms. The VC-B10U has a panoramic 120° viewing angle and 4K image quality is the highest of an UCC camera. The VC-B2U is equipped with a professional Full HD sensor to provide the best color reproduction.

The integration of wireless videoconferencing solutions between Lumens and Barco provides corporate environments with a more interactive video communications experience in workspaces, in addition to personal spaces, huddle room, or a meeting room.

The Lumens Video Conference Solution for Barco ClickShare Conference is available now and it applies to these models: VC-B30U, VC-B11U, VC-B10U, VC-B2U and VC-TR1.