LumaStream Introduces DMX Color-Changing House Lighting System

LumaStream has introduced the HLC-RGBW high-lumen pendant fixture, a premium cylindrical lighting solution engineered with ample intensity for ceiling heights of 30-plus feet using top of the line reflectors, optics and LED chips. The HLC-RGBW is part of LumaStream’s groundbreaking low-voltage LED lighting platform that has been designed to give A/V integrators the best possible solutions for their commercial and residential clients. LumaStream’s patented technology delivers superior performance and reliability, including unmatched faultless dimming down to less than 1 percent.

The HLC-RGBW’s cylinder-shaped design delivers architectural performance color lighting as well as tunable white lighting, enabling integrators to create the perfect color temperature for any application. The HLC-RGBW has been optimized to work with LumaStream’s own 700mA, DMX-based, Trinity 12 power supply, making it easy for integrators to utilize an array of LumaStream fixtures including popular downlight options all connected to the same power supply. This amazing flexibility along with the combination of fully controllable rich colors and powerful white light empowers designers to create scenes ranging from subtle ambiance to dramatic effect. Some of the ideal applications for the HLC-RGBW include the houses of worship sector, theaters, retail and an array of architectural lighting scenarios.

The LumaStream HLC-RGBW has been engineered to provide integrators with the most efficient, complete lighting solution for their clients. The HLC-RGBW can be mounted three different ways, including a surface mount, a canopy mount using a stem or a canopy mount utilizing a cut-to-length cord. These options enable integrators to precisely calibrate the placement of each fixture as needed, and LumaStream has provided a safety cable that supports the fixture in place so that the task of wiring and mounting the HLC-RGBW is always a one-man job. Additionally, each Trinity 12 power supply output is individually addressable, enabling integrators to program scenes and easily interface with their control platform of choice. Because the HLC-RGBW uses LumaStream’s patented remote driver technology, the cool-running, energy efficient fixture is an ideal solution for an array of commercial applications of any size.

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