Loxone Intros New Intercom With HD Camera, Hidden Speaker and More

loxonLoxone’s new Intercom looks very different than any other intercom you’ve likely seen before. In addition to the aesthetic, it has an HD camera, hidden speaker, protected microphone and built-in proximity sensor that lights up an interactive bell button.

The Intercom is on-prem-based, (so Loxone says there is no cloud dependence or risk of unprotected data) — critical areas where other intercom systems fall back. Communication between the Intercom and the Loxone App takes place with true end-to-end encryption.

The Loxone Intercom can be installed without needing a backbox, including remote access via Remote Connect. With practical push-in terminals, a power supply via PoE and many other features, the Intercom meets the needs of electricians and integrators.

The Intercom can also be paired with the newest NFC Code Touch and all-new Mounting Brackets. The Intercom’s integrated Tree interface means that up to 50 additional Loxone Tree devices (max 3W) can be added. In the Loxone App, remote access makes it easy to access functions and interact with visitors at any time and place, including text-to-speech functionality.