Lowell Manufacturing to Ship Adjustable Depth Version of NR4PA Series

lowell manufacturing

Lowell Manufacturing is shipping an adjustable depth version of its four post networking racks. The company says the NR4PA Series is made for projects requiring more stability than two-post racks and where the exact depth for the ideal footprint is undetermined. The EIA/TIA and TAA-compliant NR4PA rack is available in two depth ranges, 24–36 inches or 36–42 inches. Lowell says setup is easy, referencing small windows on the side supports, which clearly indicate the selected depth. Double-sided, three-inch deep vertical channel rails are tapped 12-24 and have a printed rack unit scale, which also helps with installation and set-up.

The company says the NR4PA rack features numerous tie-off points and pass-through cable holes. The angled base supports have holes to add anchors, if needed, to secure the rack to the floor for additional stability or code compliance.