Love is in the air with Peerless-AV

Love is in the air in February and I want to tell you why I love AV. To me, each and every installation is like a puzzle – it’s fun for me to work with a team and figure out how all of the different pieces go together.

I wanted to find out what others love about our industry so I reached out to my friends and Peerless-AV family to find out why they love working in AV.  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share the love…


“As someone who loves entertainment and television, working in the AV industry is  very fun for me – AV makes life in general more entertaining and easier. The  transitions of technology I’ve seen here at Peerless-AV have been awesome to be a  part of and fun too!”

 -Mike Campagna, President of Peerless Technology Group, Peerless-AV



Farah Matin-Koelle“It is a dynamic industry. The products are always changing and it’s fun to see what new items are coming out in a few weeks, months, or years!  The items are mostly tangible so it is easy to pick them up and play with them to learn the new functionalities and see what improvements have been made over the previous models.  Moreover, most of the devices are becoming more convenient to carry, easy to use, and overall engaging to the broad customer base.”

-Farah Matin-Koelle, Merchandising Product Specialist, CDW



“When I gave up m y restaurant career 25 years ago, it was a  natural progression for me to jump into this business. I have  always been a techy. I’m the kind of person who likes to take  things apart and see how they work. I’m still loving it even  though it can be a 24/7/365 type of job. It can be kind of like  pulling rabbits out of a hat but I’m still happy to be doing AV.”

 -Joseph Lojko, Technical Director, Ovation In-Store




“I’ve been with Peerless-AV for 10 years and, as a Design Engineer, I’ve loved being involved with the changes in technology that we have impacted within the AV world. I see AV as what it is; audio and visual. To me, we’ve mastered the audio and visual aspects of our products- I’m excited to see how we take those elements to the next level. Technology is moving toward everything AV – from your phones to tablets to the projectors in student classrooms.  When you combine my other passion, movies, with AV you can’t help but love it!”

-Chris Minkley, Senior Design Engineer, Peerless-AV 



“I’ve beeCPn in the Pro AV world for over 8 years with positions in Marketing  Communications, Operations, Sales and most recently Product & Program  Management. As within any industry, consumers demand innovation and products  that solve a problem or serve a purpose. The AV industry is dynamic and ever- changing, and has evolved immensely to support consumers’ needs. Ultimately, there  is always a bigger picture and it’s amazing to see it all come together as a solution. The  technology and fast paced environment keeps things exciting!”

-Chris Papoters, Associate Product Manager, Sharp Imaging & Information Company of America


“I love the AV industry because of the fun and interesting characters that make up our industry. From our mad scientists to pure genius integrators, we are always trying to have the newest and most unique solutions to our client’s problems. It’s like working in a really expensive toy store.”

-Rich Way, Branch Manager, AVAD


grant 2

“8 years ago technology was extremely different. When I began my career in AV with Daktronics as a product manager, technology was much more primitive. The innovation and evolution within the AV industry is so exciting because it is growing and it is our future. We have developed and grown best practices. Now we’re teaching others what we taught ourselves years ago in the industry.  This technology is changing the world. I am very excited to continue to embrace the evolution and see where it’s going. Plus, I love AV because I’m a huge geek at heart!”

-Grant Wylie, Product Manager, Peerless-AV



Now you know what gets our heart pumping with love in the AV industry.

Your turn – what do you love about the AV industry?  Let us know in the comments below.